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Look in my Eyes

– 1

Look in my eyes

If you dare

Care to feel the fire

burning there
(added 12-05-10)

Come too close

I will burn you

Look me in my eyes

See the answer

Before your question

Are you hungry

Then feed

Your hunger is evident to me

Don’t think I don’t know

Your fire inside.

But I warn you

I may burn your lips

If you dare to kiss

My lips may look cool

But they are hot indeed

Taste my lips.

I dare you.

(Last line added 12-05-10)

On this day

– 1

On this day

And in this time

I feel your presence

beside me.

If I blow

You a kiss

Will you feel it

Wherever you are?

If I imagine your hand

in my hand

Will a smile illuminate your lips

and bring color to your cheek

Will my love for you

span the distance of time?

On this day, what will you know?

Fri Dec 3, 2010 – 5:05am
Written directly into WordPress
laptop on my chest
sleepy eyes braced for the ‘morrow.

And you know

– 1

And you know

I miss you

It’s easy

It’s simple

Not to think at all

But you know

It’s true

I miss you

You are forever

In my heart

And you know

I’m missing you

Your smile

Fed me

Your laugh

Eased me

And you know

I love you

And miss you.

Today, this sunny day

I hear your laugh

I can see your smile

And I miss you

Oct 25th, 8:32pm
written on my iTouch

You’re so sweet

– 1

You’re so sweet

I wouldnt have to eat

Every night I would be full

If I had a taste of your love, baby

I’d have a big smile all the time

Walking around buzzing in my ears

Feed a man good with love

You know what they say

A little hunger

Never hungry again – no way

With your love darling

My stomach is full

All my senses too

I’m overflowing darling

With love for you

What u gonna do?

Oct 9 11:29pm
Written on my itouch

Wondering If I was Holding You

– 1

Wondering if I was holding u

Would it be allright

would be tight

Would u stay the night

the way my heart is beatin

Would everyone know

I know this stuff is private

Couldn’t make a show

But let me tell everyone that i know

If u were mine I wouldnt have to go


Oct 9, 2010.  11:26 p.m.
Typed on my iTouch.
Likely written to live music in a bar.

Hello world!

– 1

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